The Burning Mice of Ludic Peripety

| July 12, 2010

This is a small panel discussion, but I didn’t want to talk solo for as long as it would take to cover all the topics I had in mind.  So Arpie was kind enough to help me out and we cover a lot of ground and even review a few games. Here’s what’s inside: We [...]

Time Enough for GeekDo

| August 15, 2009

Yes, it’s another opinion-blog-o-cast! I talk about, make a few updates/follow-ups to previous shows, and then talk about control of fiction in RPGs – a topic inspirted by Judd of Kryos on the Canon Puncture Show. As always, please come discuss this episode on the forum! <— See “Scott’s Campaigns” over on the left [...]

Roundtable #1 – The Rise of Arpie

| June 17, 2009

This is a bit of departure from the normal format, it’s a roundtable discussion with a couple members of my Sunday gaming group. We talk a lot of theory and Story Games, so I decided to label it an Audio Blog as well as a Panel Discussion. We briefly discuss a lot of different game [...]

Women from the Planet Omac

| March 15, 2009

I talk about two topics, somewhat related, in this audio blog episode: the importance of female characters in role-playing games and the “Fires Over Omac” scenario for Burning Empires. Geek Girls Rule!: Attack of the Girl Gaming Podcasters Fires Over Omac scenario for Burning Empires Neroshima – the wonderful planet my Burning Empire group created! [...]

Return of the Shtick

| February 9, 2009

Here’s the first new one in a long time. It’s real short, but it’s just me talking. Basically this is my first “audio blog”. I’ll be doing this from time to time rather than making written idea/theory blog posts. Please comment on this episode here!