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Posted By on August 2, 2010

I was on two different shows this past week! First, Spooky Outhouse Showcase #7. Yeah, yeah, I’m on it all the time, I know, but this time it was with two other Story Gamers and we really get to geek out on our favorite SGs.

The second is “The Brilliant Gameologists”. Careful, they ain’t safe for work (and neither am I on that episode). We discuss the RPG Podcast Listeners Survey Results, which I had a hand in.


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I'm from Colorado - but not originally. I like roleplaying games - obviously. I have a wife and three kids - shockingly. I also enjoy video games (XBox, Wii) and boardgames. I love to run RPGs at conventions and game days for the focus and intensity. I'll talk about RPGs all day with those who are willing.


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